January 15, 2009

Be a star.

Elie Saab

Although prom isn't for a while, I think it is necessary to me to start looking for dresses, especially since I am exceptionally picky when it comes to stuff like this. I don't want to look like I tried too hard, but I want to look great. I love long dresses like these, but I prefer short dresses for me specifically since I'm little. I don't even have a color that I want to stick to in order to narrow it down. Basically, I'm in a hole because there are so many dresses and only one prom. I don't know what to get! I am thinking a short simple dress and just wear the bitchinest shoes ever with some cool jewelry (like a huge necklace), but the long flowy dresses draw me in too. Sheesh. What are you opinions? Do you have any good sites for me to look for dresses, any style? I'm only 5'3'' if that helps..


  1. Wow, those dresses are gorgeous! :)

  2. I love long dresses too, but I'm just not very tall. I think for this summer I'm going to try to wear long dresses with wedges. I can't wait for spring and summer. I'm done with my winter!

    lovely blog best wishes to you kiss

  3. Anonymous1/16/2009

    im no help with this kind on thing, for my prom i jsut walked into a thrift store and called it a day

  4. oooh, prom...how fun! i used to love getting my hair and make-up done for my school dances.

  5. those are gorgeous!


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