January 29, 2009

Chain gang


After seeing Erin Wassons Low Lov chains so many times, I decided to create some myself using some old necklace and bracelet chains. It was a little difficult for me at first because I think I'm stupid and unable to comprehend where the chains needed to go in order for it to work, but I got it down in the end.

All you have to do is make a circle with a few chains (size will vary depending on the size of your upper half)
Vertically connect the top and bottom of the circle to a middle chain in the front.
In the back, use another smaller chain to connect the two sides of the circle horizontally. It kind of looks like a butterfly when you lay it down flat not that that is even relevant...

That's it! It sounds pretty simple, but unless you have little scrap chains lying around, it can be a pain to rearrange them into a properly sized circle and whatnot. I suggest having tweezers on hand for readjusting.

January 26, 2009

100th Post! Tagged: 6 Things that makes me happy!

Wow I can't believe it's taken me this long to make 100 posts considering I've been blogging since 2007. Kind of pathetic. Sorry also for not posting lately but there has been yet another death in my senior class. This time it was a girl named Shannon. We didn't need this. She got into an accident on the highway because of the snow and she was also with another girl named Dana who I am closer with. Dana is currently in the hospital in critical condition. But yeah I was wrapped up once more with funerals and it's so hard to concentrate on anything let alone find time to make a blog post. Please keep them in your thoughts though.

Anyway, I was tagged by Sourire du Amour to make a 6 Things that make me happy list, this ought to cheer me right up!

1. Finding fun things when I clean my room
Little foot was found hidden on my shelf

Would You Rather? book that I discovered in my closet. This provides great fun at the lunch table.

2. Dreams

I love waking up in the morning and thinking about the dreams I just had during the night. Even if it was a terrible nightmare, I think they are so fascinating. I love to pick out symbols from my dreams and try to interpret what they mean. Often times it doesn't make much sense at first, but as I think of more things to look up from my dream, they all come together. Reoccurring dreams are the coolest too because I feel like it's a new world I can go to and the message that it's giving me is obviously important.

3. Funny pictures
I love to not delete pictures, even if I know they make me look absolutely horrendous. They are just so fun to look at when the night is over.

4. Tattoos
I think tattoos are so neat. Especially if they mean something to the person, I think that makes them even cooler. I plan to get a few myself, though I'm not sure what I want them to be. All I know is that I want them to mean something to me and they will probably be plain black and small.
I do love Angelina's in Wanted though, they're so kick ass.

We can't forget fellow blogger Karla and her fabulous tattoos.

5. Lingerie
I love finding the sexiest undergarments possible and wearing them for everyday events. It's so fun to feel all girly under not so girly outfits that I sometimes sport. Especially the new vintage victoria at victorias secret!

6. Music
I used to think that music was just a cliche way of trying to be an individual. But in reality, if you do it correctly, music can provide you with a world that is all yours. Listening to your iPod to drown out the bad or just to get away for a song length is wonderful.
This is my current playlist:

1. Ce jeu by Yelle
2. Love No by The Teenagers
3. Goody Goody by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
4. Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens
5. Still Standing by Rock Kills Kid
6. I want you by Rachael Yamagata
7. Come as you are by Nirvana
8. I smell sex and candy by Nirvana
9. Little bit by Lykke Li
10. After tonight by Justin Nozuka
11. Cops and Robbers by the Hoosiers
12. Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
13. Black water Child by Fionn Regan
14. Til the end of time by DeVotchKa
15. Vatican Roulette by David Melillo

Your turn!


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Filthy Lust

Femme Rationale

January 18, 2009

Little treasures

Tonight we are finally doing our Secret Santa present exchange, yes the 18th of January.. better late than never I suppose. I'm hoping that we go sled riding, I haven't gone since 10 grade since I hurt my ankle last year. I got her a pretty shirt she liked from H&M and I also decided to make her a head band last night because I was feeling crafty. Hers is the red rose and lace head band. Hopefully she likes it, I'll just wear it if she never does =P Sweet my mom brought home Panera. Love her. Anyway, these were really easy to create.

Here's how:

Red Rose Head band

1. Cut a 24'' long piece of ribbon (this will be the main band. Fray check the ends.
2. Take a 12'' long piece of fabric or ribbon and fold it in half (long way) and sew along the edge.
3. Pull the thread so that the ribbon/fabric scrunches up. Mold it if needed to make it more rose-like.
4. Stitch on the bottom center to secure it more and then knot the thread so it doesn't come undone.
5. Sew the rose to desired location on the 24'' headband strip.
6. Sew a tiny button to the center of the rose.

Bow head band

1. Cut a 24'' long piece of ribbon (this will be the main band)Fray check the ends.
2. Tie a small bow with a piece of pretty ribbon.
3. Glue the leftover ends of the ribbon to the side that will be placed on the head ribbon.
4. Sew the small row onto the head ribbon

Beaded Bobby Pin

1. Cut a 24'' long piece of ribbon. Fray check the ends.
2. With ribbon color matching thread, sew medium stitches down the middle of the ribbon.
3. When you reach the end, pull the thread so the ribbon scrunches.
4. Sew up and down through the middle to secure the scrunch.
5. Knot on the bottom to secure.
6. Place a small dot of glue in the center-top of the scrunched ribbon.
7. Sprinkle tiny beads on the glue.
8. Let dry.
9. Place a glob of glue on the bottom of the scrunched ribbon
10. Attach to a bobby pin or hair clip.

Button Head Band

1. Cut a 24'' long piece of ribbon (this will be the main band)Fray check the ends.
2. Sew a few cool buttons to the ribbon in one spot.

Go ahead and try! They are so easy to make. You can do so much with ribbon.

January 15, 2009

Be a star.

Elie Saab

Although prom isn't for a while, I think it is necessary to me to start looking for dresses, especially since I am exceptionally picky when it comes to stuff like this. I don't want to look like I tried too hard, but I want to look great. I love long dresses like these, but I prefer short dresses for me specifically since I'm little. I don't even have a color that I want to stick to in order to narrow it down. Basically, I'm in a hole because there are so many dresses and only one prom. I don't know what to get! I am thinking a short simple dress and just wear the bitchinest shoes ever with some cool jewelry (like a huge necklace), but the long flowy dresses draw me in too. Sheesh. What are you opinions? Do you have any good sites for me to look for dresses, any style? I'm only 5'3'' if that helps..

January 10, 2009

Let it snow

Well I'll basically be home all day today because we just got a ton of snow over the night and it's still snowing! I'm so excited though because it hardly ever snows to this extent and I'll most likely go outside to sled ride. This morning, it took me forever to get home because the roads are just covered. I was at a friends house after the basketball game last night and this is what I wore over, it was so comfy. Not going to lie, we did karaoke at her house and watched The House Bunny, which I was slightly disappointed with. It was a fun night though, and much needed after this long week. I hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend!

January 6, 2009

I need someone to love.

Well I have run out of jeans to wear already because they are all in the dirty clothes from break. I was on the prowl for a pair when I decided to try out my brothers room. I'd done it before, but something told me that it would be different this time. Low and behold, my brother had a newer pair of jeans sitting in his drawer, just waiting for me to try them on. So of course I did. Usually, I think the boy jeans look looks better on taller and really really skinny people, where as I am only 5'4'' and not all that skinny. Nevertheless, I put an outfit together and this is what I ended up with. Please let me know what you think of the jeans, I'd like to try to wear them to school sometime this week or the next. Usually I just say screw it and wear whatever I want, but I just feel the need to ask about this one. Thoughts? Suggestions? How might you wear them?

January 5, 2009

Take your hands, skip the names. No need here for the silly games.

First day back at school today! I actually had a pretty good day. I even applied for a bunch of jobs, so hopefully SOMEONE will hire me. We have a game tomorrow, which means that I have to wear stupid cheer stuff when all I want to do it wear my new clothes! Random thought, but I want to go skiing. I love the cold (for a while anyway) and getting all bundled up in my gear. Going to the lodge for warm drinks and fire places. Movies and blankets and books. That's it. I'm setting up a trip and I am going to go skiing soon.
Here's what I ended up wearing to school today. cool beans. I love the tights, I got them from Target for only 2.99!

I leave you with this: Jizz in my pants. funniest video ever, some of you might have seen it on SNL.

January 4, 2009

I am beautiful, no matter what they say.

Just having a little fun with my sister on my grandmas computer. You can only be around her annoying dog for so long. Then you just become suicidal, and no one wants that. I can't believe how weird I look in most of these pictures haha, oh how I am easily ammused.

January 3, 2009

Magic ride

I'm so sick of these dull and boring days. I don't want break to be over because that means school again and I hate school this year, but I just want to hang with people. I would love to be able to wake up at 8 in the morning, fresh and ready to go. Drink some coffee, read the newspaper, maybe go for a run in the crisp air, shower, and be ready to go before 930. That's what would be cool, except I don't like coffee, I never read the newspaper (I don't even know where it is right now), and I die within the first two minutes of running. I want to do all of these things but instead I just sit around and do nothing. Why do I have no motivation to do anything anymore? School, friends, laughter, boys, family, myself. I just don't have a care about anything when I know that I need to. I am way too happy with just being when I don't want to be. I feel like when I am too happy with just relaxing all the time, I pass the point of being a chill person and just become lazy and boring. It takes over and I don't even have a personality anymore. For example, last night I went out with some friends. I felt so excited but I couldn't act it, I couldn't feel it for real. What am I doing? Why can't I care? It's so strange. geez.

January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

I apologize for my lack of posting for the past few days. We've had yet another death in our family and I was attending the funeral and helping as much as I could. The death of my aunt was extremely unexpected, I'm just happy that she got to celebrate one last Christmas and the pain that she was going through is finally gone. It's not fair to my family that we have seen so much death, and I hope that this is the last funeral I will have to attend for a long long time since this is my third since this August. I don't want to do it anymore, and it's not fair that I should have to as often as I have been. Sure it's a part of life, but that doesn't mean that I have to go with it and like it.
Anyway, I hope that everyone had a special New Year! Mine was far from crazy, but I had fun with my close friends. I think it was a good way to bring in the new year and hopefully 2009 will prove to be an upgrade from 2008, which was not such a snazzy year for me. I'm not really one for resolutions, since I always fail to follow through with them, but do you have any good resolutions? Happy Holidays to everyone and let's make 2009 a great year!