December 13, 2008

This evening has been so very nice

New boots. I think they might be a little more militaryesque than what I thought, but we'll see if I'm going to keep them. I think I'm craving more of ice skate boots but I can never decide anyway. Tomorrow my cheer squad is going Christmas caroling at a retirement home. We'll see how that goes.. oh the solos we have. At least it will be fun and we'll most likely get hot chocolate out of it. A huge portion of my senior project is due on Tuesday morning. Have I done any of it? I think not. I'm so screwed, at least I got an A on the research paper portion of it. My butt is starting to fall asleep and I am super hungry..all I've had today were Skittles at the basketball game. Bleh, not so good to have Skittles as the only thing in your stomach. So in this case, I'll probably make myself some dinner.

Skirt:Target Shirt:Target


  1. they look great on you! keep em.
    and im liking the new header too!

  2. you look hot! and those boots look great. toughens up the sexy outfit. great combo!

  3. cute pics! love the red room!


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