December 21, 2008

Oh the glory when you ran outside with your shirt tucked in and your shoes untied

I'm about to head over to my neighbors house for a welcome home party. My friend Vinnie has been in Italy for the past few months for college and I am super excited to go and see him! In this case, this is going to be a super quick post. I jsut snapped some pictures this morning because the sun looked really pretty coming through my window and onto my bed. Wow I have got to go Christmas shopping too, talk about last minute..


  1. You are super pretty! I love your hair. btw, where did you get your sweater from? I've been looking for one like that.

  2. Beautiful pics! The sun is lovely!un

  3. Hi!
    Nice pics, and I love your jumper!! (L)
    Have a try about the socks with sandals ;)
    Btw, you have very beautiful green eyes *.* mine are green too, but not too green xD

  4. Anonymous12/23/2008

    Love the slouchy sweater looks so nice and comfy...


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