December 20, 2008

I'll be home for Christmas...

Ah my room is finally somewhat clean. Usually I have clothing spewed throughout my room. It's an organized mess, don't get me wrong, but my mother seems to think its an unacceptable appearance for a room. I think it shows a bit of character- as long as it's not gross with like old food and nasty garbage everywhere, that's different. Anyway, after feeling the holiday spirit, and also after finding these lights in my closet while I was putting my clothes away, I decided to hang them up around my room. I have to say, they add a nice touch and make me pretty happy, maybe I'll just be that person and leave them up year-round. Except I won't even be here next Christmas, wow that's weird! haha I kind of afraid that my curtain will soon catch on fire, but I'm really hoping it doesn't. They were a really pain to hang up because I have an outlet on one side of my room and not the other and I took the flat end to the outlet thinking it was the pronged end of the string of lights. Quite a frustrating process..


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  1. I use to hang up Christmas lights in my room too


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