December 2, 2008

Dark blue, dark blue

I picked up this skirt from Target the other day for only 6 bucks. I was pretty stoked to find that the price was so low. However, the only problem with the skirt was that it was a size 11. *Tear* I'm more along the lines of a 1 or 3 at Target, so it was a bit, well more like way way, too big. I decided to buy it anyway though because it's flowy which means it could easily be tucked. I had to tuck it a good 3 or 4 inches, but it ended up looking really great, you can't even tell. I also snagged these shoes while I was there. I have a pair of black mary-janes already, but they broke about four times and I was getting really tired of fixing them so much. The final time was at my locker right before biology and I whipped off my shoes and chucked it on the ground. I just decided to call it quits with that pair and just get a new, similar pair. I like these better anyway I think. Maybe I'll try to do a cool DIY project with the other pair. Studs? Some ribbon? Paint? Not exactly sure, but hopefully I'll find something good to do with my old pair.


  1. wow.. at 6 bucks that is a STEAL!!!

  2. thecolor of the skirt is lovely.
    andyou're so cute in your pics! =>


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