December 10, 2008

According to my calculations..

Tonight was our first basketball game and of course we lost. I miss all the seniors from last year. We have only four this year and they carry the team, but there are just some guys from last year that we could use right now. Oh well, it was only the first game. There are like a million more to go, it just sucks that I have to cheer at most of them since the games are so sporadic I hardly even know when they are.

I guess I could get a planner, but then I'd probably just lose it. Or just not use it at all like the free ones we get from the school. I think I used it for about a week and then stopped. Sometimes I'll find it in the back of my locker and think, "hey maybe I would actually remember things if I used this.." Truth is, that probably wouldn't happen, there is no hope for me. I've forgotten a book for my teacher for about two weeks straight now- I even wrote it on my hand. So back into the depths of my crowded locker my planner shall stay until locker clean out at the end of the year. I've asked Sarah to bring in the stupid locker shelf, but she has yet to do so. It came in handy last year because we both have so much stuff. I seriously have about four pairs of shoes in my locker at all times. Plus books I don't have time to read, a few issues of Nylon, and I'm pretty sure my missing hat is in there- I'm just too short to see the top shelf. I should take a picture but I probably won't because I'd feel really weird taking photos of my locker.

Anyway, this dress is from Target. Scored it for 10 bucks. Boots are Charlotte Russe and I believe the tights are target as well.

I want my shoes to come, too!! They still aren't here! It's so so very depressing.


  1. gorgeous love the glasses !

  2. you're super pretty. and i love your glasses - where are they from?

  3. these are super cute, both photos and outfit.


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