November 17, 2008

Charley, rest in peace

So Friday night finally came along after a seemingly long three day week. I was just hanging at a friends house when we all heard about an accident that happened along one of the main streets. I wasn't too worried about it because I figured it was probably no big deal and probably wasn't anyone that I knew. Turns out my assumption was wrong. The accident involved a friend of mine and his girlfriend. Sadly, they both were killed in the crash. I can't even begin to describe the impact that his death has had on our school and town. Yesterday night, a lot of people from my school came to stand by the crash site. It was so sad and wonderful at the same time, to see the students that care about him gathered on the side of a road. It never really hit me until today. I was looking at pictures and hundreds of people continue to talk to him on facebook and myspace, leaving him messages of goodbye and regular conversation. Looking through my own photos, I even found some old pictures of him and me in sixth grade. He had such a influence on my life throughout that year. He was so outgoing and caring, he taught me to be myself and to let go, he was my friend, a snowboarder, a brother, a son, a field trip square dancing partner, and the life of the class. Charley was such a wonderful person and it's not fair that he was taken away. It's snowing right now, and that's from him. Shred it man. Love you Charley, I'll miss you.


  1. That was a really sweet post. It hurts to lose someone, especially someone you have history with, and have for years. May he rest in peace; and god bless you (:

  2. I am so sorry...I've never lost a friend, so I don't really know what to say. What you wrote about him was beautiful though. May he rest in peace.

  3. You, in turn, are an equally special friend. Let his light continually shine through you in all the ways that you mentioned.

    Such a lovely post.


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