October 12, 2008

This is Halloween

Halloween is on a Friday this year and I am so psyched! It's one of my favorite holidays because I get to dress up in basically anything I want to and have fun playing a different character. I've had multiple ideas for this year, but I can't seem to decide! Even though it will only make my decision that much harder, if you have any ideas or want to tell me what you're planning on being this year, let me know! I love sweet costume ideas!

I'm planning on having a party, but I'm also hoping that other people will too so that I can have mine on Saturday and go to more parties and then have more costumes =P

Last year, I was a masquerade person, except he stole my mask.

For this year, I'm thinking-
I'll just do an idea a day, that'll work for me. Todays idea:


I freaking love this movie.

Drop waist, headbands, beads, mary janes, red lips, finger waves.

I plan to check ebay for dresses and hopefully I'll find something totally awesome. If not, I refuse to Party City it so I'll just have to be something else.

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  1. ahh I've seen soooo many flapper costumes for sale this year! it must be a popular!


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