October 29, 2008

Pink ribbons

These shoes refuse to stay on my feet when I walk more than five feet. In this case, I decided to make them stay on with a pink ribbon. Sure, I personally like the shoes better when they are plain, but these certainly add a nice touch and are 9088778 times more comfortable because they don't threaten to unattach from my foot with every step I take.

To do this, I took a long piece of pink ribbed ribbon and twisted it around the heel of the pump and then continued to twist it up around my ankle and tie it in a bow for a ballerinaesque effect.


  1. Actually: that is a quite wonderful idea. I like them a lot! The good thing is, you can change the color too, to even black, green, red, etc. Great idea!

  2. what a cute idea!!

    p.s. thanks for the comment.


  3. That is so elegent and I am very jealous I didn't think of it myself

  4. Anonymous2/13/2010

    Dara Katrina, it's spelled "elegant" not "elegent."

  5. Anonymous10/16/2010

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