October 5, 2008

A day in the woods

Last minute photoshoot decisions. This is what we do when we have nothing else. Actually, we probably could have been doing something more exciting, but this was fun. This isn't even all the pics, we took like over 200 (not all good ones, but oner 200 nevertheless) What's your favorite?


  1. Cool ripped tights.

    This is Surreal from TeenVogue btw. I just saw your post on Fashion. :-P

  2. Anonymous10/05/2008

    You are so pretty, you remind me of Kira Plastinina(spelling? i couldnt care less)

    here's my blog, lets link?

  3. You look like a cross between Lauren Conrad and Nicole Ritchie. In a good way. xD

  4. Great photos! I plan on being a buyer for a high end department store like Saks or Barney's New York. I also hope to do some fashion or creative directing in New York or Milan.

  5. I love your outfit(s) ? :) I really really want to copy your shirt. But I might make one that says THEA (i don't think highly of myself at aaaall...) just so that i won't be such a copycat.

    I LOVE your hat, I think i'll start hunting for something like that and your friend looks adorable too!


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