October 16, 2008

Boots boots boots

Sadly, I have only one pair of boots. I think it's time to add at least one more pair to my closet. I normally don't like to buy boots because I tend to not wear them, well according to my elementary self, I'm thinking that my ideas have probably changed, at least I would hope so. I'm not looking to pay a lot for them because I am basically broke, but then again I want to be sure they are good quality so I don't have to go through the boot-searching process again any time soon. Anyway, here are some boots that I love, like, and just found interesting.

I really could just use a pair of worn lace ups or slouchy boots with a medium heel.


  1. Love the third pair! Are they metallic or am I just imagining things?

  2. i love structured boots! those last ones have amazing potential.


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