October 29, 2008

Pink ribbons

These shoes refuse to stay on my feet when I walk more than five feet. In this case, I decided to make them stay on with a pink ribbon. Sure, I personally like the shoes better when they are plain, but these certainly add a nice touch and are 9088778 times more comfortable because they don't threaten to unattach from my foot with every step I take.

To do this, I took a long piece of pink ribbed ribbon and twisted it around the heel of the pump and then continued to twist it up around my ankle and tie it in a bow for a ballerinaesque effect.

October 23, 2008

An outfit or two and a frightful night

These are some outfits I've worn to school last week. I wish I would have worn the striped shirt differently, but thats ok, there's over 100 more days for me to wear it in cool ways.

This past weekend, I went to Fright Farm with my friends. We seriously waited in line for about 2 hours, but it was so worth it. This guy in a Saw mask came up behind my friend and scared the crap out of her while she was on the phone with her mom and started yelling, "Mom I'm going to have to call you back- there's a monster chasing me!" haha I almost peed my pants.

"All hail the magic coke machine!" ....Poor girl was afraid of clowns. haha

October 20, 2008

trucks and abandoned ice cream stands

Caution: A lot of pictures.

Yet another photo shoot this weekend. I love doing them, they are so fun. We basically just went all around town and choose some pretty or nifty locations. Proud to say, I found the trucks and phone =) The other two girls are my friends Brooke and Sarah, who have both been on here before however Sarah is more prominent. Sarah was also in the last photoshoot we did. Favorites? Any comments are loved.

October 19, 2008

Houlihan's with my girls

Well, on friday we had no school so that was awesomeness. In this case, we decided to celebrate our ability to stay out late on a Thurday and booked it to Houlihan's. I never realized how many people that I know work there, it was like a party. Then on Friday, it was senior night. Very strange for me to be the one walking, I'm used to watching and the fact that that was my very last home football game ever hasn't hit me. Oh but it will.

We've done another photo shoot too, be sure to check back for the pictures. I'll probably upload them tomorrow night! =]

October 16, 2008

Boots boots boots

Sadly, I have only one pair of boots. I think it's time to add at least one more pair to my closet. I normally don't like to buy boots because I tend to not wear them, well according to my elementary self, I'm thinking that my ideas have probably changed, at least I would hope so. I'm not looking to pay a lot for them because I am basically broke, but then again I want to be sure they are good quality so I don't have to go through the boot-searching process again any time soon. Anyway, here are some boots that I love, like, and just found interesting.

I really could just use a pair of worn lace ups or slouchy boots with a medium heel.

October 13, 2008

Halloween Costumes day two

Amy Winehouse Costume

I think this costume would be so much fun!

Just rock a pair of super skinny, distressed jeans and a white or black beater with bra straps hanging out. Or go for a retro/grunge look!

Add her notorious eye-liner and beehive (your own hair or a wig) and then draw on tattoos! And pretty much just look like an overall mess. Don't forget your cigs.

No, it's not too soon.


The costume:




This link might help too. CLICK.