September 28, 2008

That's how we do it, do it hot

Well yesterday was homecoming! I wasn't as excited for the dance as I was for the after parties and seeing people. A few of our friends in college came back to go with my friends in our group, so I was very excited to see them. My dress was originally a little longer, about mid-calve, but I decided to shorten it and I liked it so much better shorter. The dress is from a store called The Winner and my black pumps are Guess?. After the dance, we went to my friends house for some dessert, it was good. Then a few of us headed to my neighbors house for a small bon fire. They had a tent set up for all of us to sleep in, but I live only a few houses down, so I chose to sleep in my own bed. Basic recap of the night: We had a fire, I drank stuff that tasted like Robitussin, got hit on by a strange guy there, I was singing Blink 182 with a guy playing guitar (embarrassing today, but wasn't at the time...), we found more friends up the street, I got licked on the forehead, and then finally fell asleep on my friends thigh, he was quite comfortable. I got back to my house around 6 in the morning and surprisingly, my mom didn't seem to care at all. So all in all, it was a very eventful evening. I'll be dead tomorrow.


  1. I love your shoes! And you're such a pretty girl!!

    Did you have a good time?

  2. thanks! yeah it was awesome =]

  3. So fun!! You are gorgeous :) Glad the day was great for you!


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