September 28, 2008

That's how we do it, do it hot

Well yesterday was homecoming! I wasn't as excited for the dance as I was for the after parties and seeing people. A few of our friends in college came back to go with my friends in our group, so I was very excited to see them. My dress was originally a little longer, about mid-calve, but I decided to shorten it and I liked it so much better shorter. The dress is from a store called The Winner and my black pumps are Guess?. After the dance, we went to my friends house for some dessert, it was good. Then a few of us headed to my neighbors house for a small bon fire. They had a tent set up for all of us to sleep in, but I live only a few houses down, so I chose to sleep in my own bed. Basic recap of the night: We had a fire, I drank stuff that tasted like Robitussin, got hit on by a strange guy there, I was singing Blink 182 with a guy playing guitar (embarrassing today, but wasn't at the time...), we found more friends up the street, I got licked on the forehead, and then finally fell asleep on my friends thigh, he was quite comfortable. I got back to my house around 6 in the morning and surprisingly, my mom didn't seem to care at all. So all in all, it was a very eventful evening. I'll be dead tomorrow.

September 24, 2008

Purple skirts and bra-like shirts

I never really thought of a way to take pictures of my outfit every day, but now I figure that I can jsut have a little photo shoot outside when I get home from school. I guess I can have my brother take them and use the self time on days he has practice. Sounds like a plan. On days I have practice, however, there will be no outfit unless you want to see my creative soffees and a tee, but I'm guessing you don't.
Anyway, this is what I wore to school yesterday. I thought I might have gotten some teacher comments because it looks a little like a bra, but I got only compliments from classmates and a teacher or two, so that was rad.

September 20, 2008

PSU and Plaid

Today I took a little trip with my dad and a friend and we went to a Penn State game. Even though our seats were really high, it was awesome to be there and experience being a part of the crowd. After the game, we walked around the main campus so I could see what it was like if I decide to go there, which I have been debating. I can't decide what I want to go to school for. I'm thinking journalism but at the same time I know I want to do something with fashion. Fashion merchandising is a major, as is fashion design, but I'm not really interested in being a fashion designer directly (I can't sew but that's not the only reason) and I know a lot of people that have majored in fashion merchandising and end up working at an American Eagle related business, which is not my idea.

They would pick people up, toss them, and catch them everytime we scored. It was so sweet to see like 20 of these at once all over the student section. This happened once at my school and our lame pricipal got all pissy. No fun.

jeans: express, shirt: dads, shoes: vintage, belt: vintage

September 14, 2008

50th Post! Shred Up

I can't believe it's taken me this long to make 50 posts! I've had this blog for over a year. Anyway, I took a pair of old gray tights and cut them up using some scissors and a nail file. The nail file actually worked really well, its how I got those shredded looking cuts at the top. I'm not really sure what to wear with them, hence me wearing only the tights haha but I'll find something eventually I'm sure. Suggestions??

I wish they were black, but I had two pairs of gray tights so I opted for those in case i totally screwed them up.

September 2, 2008

Stop signs and fields

Summer has quickly dwindled down into the last few days of existence. Finally, today is the last day of my summer vacation. Looking back, I had a pretty decent summer. I was hardly ever bored, though those lazy days are hardly beatable. I was able to go to Arizona (finally getting west past Ohio!) and my family also went to Topsail for vacation. I narrowed my college choice down to a select few, I went to see John Mayer, I snuck out of my house with a friend and then pushed my car down the street in order to start it all to get to a guys house, I went to Kentucky for my final cheer camp, I found a homecoming dress on the first shopping trip (and get a date), I managed to go the entire summer with only one trip to the gas station, and I stupidly made friends with senior boys who are now away at college and now I miss them. All in all, my summer proved to be quite decent.

Now what should I wear for my first day of school tomorrow? Eh I'll decide tonight..

Anyway, my friend Nino picked me up the other day and we cruised around. It was pretty fun despite the fact that he has no radio, the ice cream we got made up for it. Later that night we went to a random field and listened to my iPod and chatted about who knows what. Fun times, I've decided to share pictures.

Then yesterday night, I stole my dads jeans and headed over to my friend Sarahs house. I didn't intend on spending the night because I was planning on visiting Kent the next morning, but I did anyway. In that case, we needed to head out to get some chips and red bull. I saw my newspaper teacher at the store and he saw my dads pants. On the way home, I made Sarah stop to have a mini photo shoot of a stop sign that I spotted. There is another one on the opposite end of the road that says "STOP hate" and I thought that was cool too but there were too many cars to get out and take pictures.