August 23, 2008

JMAY and dresses

Wednesday night was the big night of the John Mayer concert. I was super excited to go, but I now realize that I don't have any pictures of my outfit. I wore cuffed jeans, a cream colored tank, lots of layered bracelets, and a floral head band. Simple and comfortable for a concert. The concert itself was so much fun. I do wish that he would have played more familiar songs, like ones from Room for Squares because he chose to have a lot of acoustic breaks, which were nice, but I think there were too many.

Yesterday, I went homecoming dress shopping with a few friends. I was really surprised when I found a ress because I never buy one on the first trip, but I'm really glad I went with this choice. I was in love with this royal blue one with beading that didn't look so homecoming-tacky, but I opted for a short black one that I think fit my personality a little more. I'm hoping to find a cool pair of shoes to go with the dress as my origional idea for this homecoming was to find a simple dress and crazy shoes, but I really love this dress.

Suggestions for shoes??


  1. I love that dress! It will definitly stand out against all the shiny polyester and sequins! I would do a pink shoe to match the stripe on the bodice.

  2. thank you! thats what i was hoping. I think a pink shoe would look nice too

  3. i really like your dress, its really different from most homecoming dresses.

  4. The dress is beautiful, love the details on it.
    I agree, a pink shoe would really work!


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