August 14, 2008

Black Tie Affair

Well about ten minutes ago, I found out that the release date for the new Harry Potter film, The Half-Blood Prince, has been pushed back from this November to July of 2009! I am so pissed. That is a huge difference and the reason is that they think they will have higher sales in the summertime. Fuck summertime! I just want to see the movie =[

Anyway, a friend "challenged" me to create an outfit with a tie. I didn't want to do something standard like a button up, so I opted for a Hanes tee and grey sweater instead. I'm probably seeing him on Sunday, so give me your opinions and maybe some other outfit ideas using this tie (as a neck tie, not a headband or something).


  1. I think it looks great! you definitely put a spin on the "normal" tie apparel.

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  3. i like the outfit a lot!

  4. awesome pumps!

    and i love the tie; very sassy!

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