August 25, 2008

Shoe dilemma

I've already posted a picture of my homecoming dress, and so this will probably be the last mention of it.. oh no I take that back, I've yet to pick out jewelry.. Anyway, I'm not sure which pair of shoes I like for my dress. Since the dress was kind of expensive, I've just been looking on and for me shoes. They actually have a lot of cool kicks in awesome colors and they are really cheap. I'm just wondering what shoes you think look the best with my dress. Any suggestions for jewelry are appreciated as well.

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August 24, 2008


Yesterday I was watching That 70s Show and got a little antsy. I decided that I would use the fabric paint I finally found in my trunk to make a shirt. Very simple, very easy. Check back to Lunar eclipse post for DIY instructions. It was all dry today and so I heat-set it and decided to make an outfit with it and also outfits with my new socks, so there are quite a few. I was really bored today and I needed to keep my mind off my cousin. I was reading late last night when I fell asleep and woke up to the phone ringing. I got really confused about the time and then saw it was about 1 o'clock. The I got really worried because no one calls a house this late unless it's some sort of an emergency. I looked over and saw my aunts number and got this really really bad feeling about my cousin even though it wasn't even the right aunt. Turns out the feeling I had was right and my cousin was swimming in a river, got pulled into the current, hit his head off of a rock, and drowned. I'm just in so much shock. I mean you never think something like this can happen to people that you love so much. He was going through such a hard time because of alcohol and he just got out of rehab and moved to start over because he was finally clean and a few months into finally being happy he drowns. It's not fair to him. I'm so angry.

Sorry, but I just really needed to say something about it.

August 23, 2008

JMAY and dresses

Wednesday night was the big night of the John Mayer concert. I was super excited to go, but I now realize that I don't have any pictures of my outfit. I wore cuffed jeans, a cream colored tank, lots of layered bracelets, and a floral head band. Simple and comfortable for a concert. The concert itself was so much fun. I do wish that he would have played more familiar songs, like ones from Room for Squares because he chose to have a lot of acoustic breaks, which were nice, but I think there were too many.

Yesterday, I went homecoming dress shopping with a few friends. I was really surprised when I found a ress because I never buy one on the first trip, but I'm really glad I went with this choice. I was in love with this royal blue one with beading that didn't look so homecoming-tacky, but I opted for a short black one that I think fit my personality a little more. I'm hoping to find a cool pair of shoes to go with the dress as my origional idea for this homecoming was to find a simple dress and crazy shoes, but I really love this dress.

Suggestions for shoes??

August 22, 2008

Last and final homecoming

I went homecoming dress shopping today and I was very surprised when I left the store with a dress in hand. Also, I am even more surprised to say that i still like it after having it for two hours. I'll be sure to post pictures soon. As of now, I'm going to order some Chinese, yum =]

August 14, 2008

Black Tie Affair

Well about ten minutes ago, I found out that the release date for the new Harry Potter film, The Half-Blood Prince, has been pushed back from this November to July of 2009! I am so pissed. That is a huge difference and the reason is that they think they will have higher sales in the summertime. Fuck summertime! I just want to see the movie =[

Anyway, a friend "challenged" me to create an outfit with a tie. I didn't want to do something standard like a button up, so I opted for a Hanes tee and grey sweater instead. I'm probably seeing him on Sunday, so give me your opinions and maybe some other outfit ideas using this tie (as a neck tie, not a headband or something).

August 9, 2008

New Top and socks

Before going to the mall the other day with my friends, I told myself I wouldn't buy anything unless I deemed it absolutely necessary- we all knew I wouldn't come home empty handed. I was pretty proud of myself when I denied a beautiful pair of shoes, but I couldn't pass up this corset/lingerie top. Actually, it is lingerie from forever21, but I've been dying for one so I decided to buy it, that and a pair of thigh highs that I finally decided to just get already.

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Banana Republic
Belt: vintage
Shoes: Old Navy

August 8, 2008

KY (yours+mine)

I arrived home from Kentucky yesterday evening, starving and tired. Cheer camp was only a few days, but it really sucks the energy out of you, especially since I haven't been doing much all summer. Nevertheless, I really enjoy the routine that we learned and I am hoping that we can perfect it and be so much better than last year.
Here are a few pictures from my trip:

Sorry for a boring post, but I really want to read Breaking Dawn, I'm not even close to being done!

August 3, 2008

Off to Kentucky

Starting tomorrow and through Friday, I'll be in Kentucky for cheer camp. I'm pretty excited to go, though being a computer nut, I'll be missing my internet access. I went to my cousins grad party today and I wore a dress from a few posts down but we took some snazzy pictures so I'll post it once more.

Two new reads

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Call me a bookworm, I don't care, I just love it. Recently, I started reading the Twilight series and fell in love with it, perhaps a little too much. The characters are amazing and the plot is really neat. The author, Stephanie Meyers, actually came up with the idea for the novels after a dream she had. Anyway, after I finished reading the first three and was very impatiently awaiting the arrival of the fourth installment, I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. It was so short, but it was amazing. It was so simple but it covered so much, it reminded me of Forrest Gump a bit.

I've yet to start reading it because I am so so tired. To make it short, I didn't get in til 4 in the morning last night then got up at 8. Yes!

August 1, 2008

A pretty pair

During my stay in Arizona, I purchased a lovely pair of Steve Madden heels. They remind me greatly of the YSL Tribute heels. I have yet to wear them, but have attempted to make every excuse possible to do so. Nevertheless, I just cannot make it logical to walk around in such shoes. Maybe I ought to forget about it and just wear them anywhere I please, that would save me quite a bit of thinking over footwear and the appropriateness of my ensembles. I'm sure many would become rather used to the idea of me wearing heels constantly and after a few goes at wearing heels most of the time, it would soon become natural.

I also have an outfit. I got this maxi dress a few weeks ago from Marshals. I love the color and the lace on the straps and near the bust. It also serves as a nice mini bubble dress if I fold it up and under and then belt it.