August 1, 2008

A pretty pair

During my stay in Arizona, I purchased a lovely pair of Steve Madden heels. They remind me greatly of the YSL Tribute heels. I have yet to wear them, but have attempted to make every excuse possible to do so. Nevertheless, I just cannot make it logical to walk around in such shoes. Maybe I ought to forget about it and just wear them anywhere I please, that would save me quite a bit of thinking over footwear and the appropriateness of my ensembles. I'm sure many would become rather used to the idea of me wearing heels constantly and after a few goes at wearing heels most of the time, it would soon become natural.

I also have an outfit. I got this maxi dress a few weeks ago from Marshals. I love the color and the lace on the straps and near the bust. It also serves as a nice mini bubble dress if I fold it up and under and then belt it.

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  1. great heels and the maxi dress looks really good!
    your last pose is so cool!!!!


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