July 1, 2008

The long road home

I went to Chardon yesterday for my cousins graduation party and took these pictures as we were driving home. Sadly, it was not as fun as I had hoped though I did get to catch up with my family members. Hopefully the fourth of July picnic at my aunts will prove to be a more eventful celebration. I still unsure about what I plan to wear. I always try to look my part for the event, you know red, white and blue, but not so much so that I look like a walking American flag. I was thinking a white dress, brown, skinny braided belt, gladiators, and red lips. I get in the red and white then, so I guess that's what I'm aiming for. I also have to pack for vacation. I'm going to fly to Arizona on Saturday evening and be there for about a week and then fly to Raleigh for a vacation with my family. I have to pack for two weeks in two days and I'm not sure how that's going to work out. I am so nervous about flying it's not even funny. I tried to find a map of the airport online so I could map out my route, but no such luck. Looks like I'm going to Montana instead.

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