July 2, 2008

Bring it all back to you

Anyone else besides me remember good ol' S Club 7? I used to rock out to this music when I was younger and I loved it. We'd make up sweet dances in my back yard and then put on a performance to show off our splendid choreography. The reason these memories flooded back is due to me finding this CD in a batch of other reject Cd's, this pile also included the original NOW and NOW 3.. But I decided to listen to the CD for a while as I was a bit curious because I couldn't remember any of the songs. I placed it in my CD player and there jams came roaring out. About five minutes later i took it out and replaced it with my NOW CD because I couldn't stand it any longer. It was terrible and I have no idea how I listened to that so many times throughout my childhood. Thanks, mom, for putting up with the sad songs of S Club 7 while I was in that stage. Did I mention they also had a TV show, of course I watched it too! It's so bad it's almost embarrassing. I found an episode to share with anyone interested.


  1. oh wow, i remember s club 7. i used to watch their show all the time & i had all the cds! those were the days...

  2. I believe that there is no party like an S Club party.

  3. of course I remember S Club; some of them are on British TV now. I taped all their shows, had all their CDs, learnt all the dances. They were just the best. S Club 8 ruined it


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