June 4, 2008

Tell me how you fit all that in them jeans

Ah I do not mean to be a whiner, but I hate how huge my ass is. I wish it was a bit smaller because then I would feel a little better about wearing a tube top as a skirt. Oh well, I'll just have to suck it up.

Finals are ALMOST over, just two more to go and I am ecstatic. My physics final was the worst ever, but I somehow managed to get a decent grade. Now I just have to get through the rest of the year..just a little over 20 days to go [shutter].

ha thats my dog, Roxy.


  1. I like the simple concept, but I think the shirt should be a little tighter, and maybe a nice big necklace or something

    I have a huge ass too.. I feel your pain! ahah.

  2. I love the skirts!!! they look great
    seriously, not to sound like a pedophile, but you have a nice but. You look great.
    to answer your question, no, I dont usually feel weird wearing the skirts to school. I actually did at first, but now I dont.
    really dont fret, just wear it, you'll look great!

  3. ok thank you so much!

  4. Simple, but you managed to look so chic & stylish! :)


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