June 7, 2008

Slow dancing in a burning room

Ah! John Mayer is coming this summer and I am super excited! I got tickets off ticket master this morning as soon as they were available. My friends and I decided on lawn seats because they are so much more fun! You can lay out a blanket and just jam, dance, lay down, I find they are so much more convenient than regular seats, even if you are a bit further away. We went to see Rascal Flatts last summer and though I'm not really a fan so I didnt know the songs, I still had a blast just messing around and meeting some hot guys, even if they were totally smashed haha.

Here are two outfits to add to this post. For school I suppose, as usual.


  1. Looks like fun! I love the high waisted skirt, that outfit is my favorite!

  2. You and your friends are all like super pretty. And I like your dress.


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