June 1, 2008

Je veux te voir

Currently watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and it reminds me of how much I hate it and that they should have stopped at the first one. I loved the first movie, got incredibly bored during the 2nd movie because they keep getting weirder and weirder. The fight scene on the island, amusing as it was, went on far too long. It's a shame to see such a brilliant and successful movie get ruined by inadequate sequels.
Anyway, these are outfits I have yet to wear. I can't even wear the shoes in the second picture because they hurt my feet too much and slip on the floor at my school.


  1. Your shoes are so cute. xD
    And I never liked POTC much in the first place. D:
    And "Je veux te voir" is such an addicting song, if that's what your title was referring to. xD

  2. Love your poses! They're really creative and I love the shoes! In most of your posts you have great shoes. Anyway, i added you to "blogs that i like" section on my blog, if you dont mind. If you do let me know... :)

  3. thank you and thank you =]

    yes, it's the song. i love it, you're very right, it's addicting!

    I'll be sure to add you as well, thanks!


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