May 21, 2008

Potential buys

As I haven't gone shopping in quite a while, I grow more eager to do so with each passing day. Seeing as I don't have a job and therefore have no cash, it would be a little difficult to go shopping anyway. So I guess it all works out for the best. To curve my craving, I have resorted to multiple online shopping sprees in which I compile list after list of things that I might buy if I had money right now. Now, you might say, "Wouldn't this make it harder for you because you are just looking at things you can't have?" The answer is yes, my friend. Yes it is very hard. Nevertheless, I somehow subject myself to this minor form of self impairment and gladly look upon my worthless collections. I have looked through so many sites that I'm not even sure what I want and don't want anymore. These two are my favorites.


Urban Outfitters


  1. Hey, I saw your blog on the teen vogue forms about exchanging blogs, link me?

    Anyways, whats more important is that on your Forever 21 shopping list, I havent seen any high waisted pants there. Do they only sell them online or at select stores or something?

  2. i did see some high waisted jeans on the site actually. I tried some on in the store, but i'm short so it's hard for me to find jeans that fit ha. plus, they were a little tight and i didn't feel like trying on another pair. I was at a store in pittsburgh if that answers anything about the select stores.


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