May 24, 2008

In Action

Thank goodness today is Friday, also memorial day weekend, thus we have Monday off as well. This doesn't include me because I'm not strong enough to endure 120 straight days of school, but we went 20 weeks of school without any form of a break. It was awful for me, and I even skipped some days. All of we students need this break before we start finals soon and then continue through June in school to make up for the awful strike we had in October.

I am going to see the new Chronicles movie tomorrow, is it nerdy to say that I am super excited?? Not sure what I'm going to wear yet, but I don't really care because our movie theater is disgusting and I feel like whatever I wear into the place is officially covered in some new unidentifiable disease and I'm going to die from it. Naturally, these thoughts make me like whatever I'm wearing a little less, even after a good wash. I never go into that theater wearing anything that will expose my skin to the seats. Ew. I hope we get a new theater soon, we've had this one for way too long.

I also got to go over to my friends house this evening with the girls. It was fun because all we did was chill in her new hot tub and I was even more excited because I got to wear my new suit (see below). As we got extra prune-like sitting in the hot water, we got out and I suggested watching Sweeney Todd, even though I saw it only two nights ago. Nevertheless, we watched it and everyone seemed to like it though we didn't finish it because I needed to get home before curfew. Has anyone seen this movie? Do the beginning credits not give away the entire movie? I knew the entire plot by time the movie actually started, anyone else feel this way?

Ah anyway, you probably don't even read my mumbo-jumbo, here's an outfit post.

I decided to do some of these wacky poses again.

shoes: Target
jeans: express
grey tee: ae
some random bracelets

jeans: ae
shoes: target
sweater: f21
hat: grandfathers
necklace: forever21?


  1. 1. I've never seen Sweeny Todd, but I'm still willing to even if the opening credits give the story away.
    2. Second post reminds me of Spiderman, made me smile.

  2. I love both outfits!!! haha Your jumping pictures are amazing

  3. i always have loved Ever After. Seriously, when I was 8, I watched it every day for a year. Maybe that is why I'm so drawn to that dress! I didn't make the connection until you said that.

  4. I like the rolled up trousers...usually people make them look really frumpy but you pull 'em off well! Trade links mebe? :)

  5. thanks =] i added you.

  6. lovely outfits! your poses always make me laugh.


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