May 29, 2008

Rebel without a cause

Watched Rebel without a Cause the other day and got a little inspired by the leather jackets. Thus, I chose to create an outfit using my own from H&M. More interesting poses were assumed as I got bored with the generic "stand there and look at the floor" pose. I decided on a bridge.

haha I look pregnant in this picture

Jeans: express
shirt: Target
shoes: Delicious
Jacket: H&M

May 28, 2008

DIY Bracelet

Difficulty level: moron

This was extremely easy to make, I just thought I would add it here as a simple, quick idea. I like it too because you can "undo" the bracelet if you don't like your creation after a while or want to change it up.

a bangle
about 3 or more feet of a colorful 1'' thick ribbon
some glue

1. glue one end of the ribbon flat to the inside of the bangle

2. wrap the ribbon around the bangle (evenly, slanted a bit) until you reach your starting point

3. to cover the meeting point, wrap the ribbon one or two times around the beginning and end meeting point (not slanted)

4. make sure it's pulled tight and place the end of the ribbon on the inside of the bangle and glue in place. (if you have extra, just cut it off so the end and glue is on the inside)

5. let dry and wear!

May 24, 2008

In Action

Thank goodness today is Friday, also memorial day weekend, thus we have Monday off as well. This doesn't include me because I'm not strong enough to endure 120 straight days of school, but we went 20 weeks of school without any form of a break. It was awful for me, and I even skipped some days. All of we students need this break before we start finals soon and then continue through June in school to make up for the awful strike we had in October.

I am going to see the new Chronicles movie tomorrow, is it nerdy to say that I am super excited?? Not sure what I'm going to wear yet, but I don't really care because our movie theater is disgusting and I feel like whatever I wear into the place is officially covered in some new unidentifiable disease and I'm going to die from it. Naturally, these thoughts make me like whatever I'm wearing a little less, even after a good wash. I never go into that theater wearing anything that will expose my skin to the seats. Ew. I hope we get a new theater soon, we've had this one for way too long.

I also got to go over to my friends house this evening with the girls. It was fun because all we did was chill in her new hot tub and I was even more excited because I got to wear my new suit (see below). As we got extra prune-like sitting in the hot water, we got out and I suggested watching Sweeney Todd, even though I saw it only two nights ago. Nevertheless, we watched it and everyone seemed to like it though we didn't finish it because I needed to get home before curfew. Has anyone seen this movie? Do the beginning credits not give away the entire movie? I knew the entire plot by time the movie actually started, anyone else feel this way?

Ah anyway, you probably don't even read my mumbo-jumbo, here's an outfit post.

I decided to do some of these wacky poses again.

shoes: Target
jeans: express
grey tee: ae
some random bracelets

jeans: ae
shoes: target
sweater: f21
hat: grandfathers
necklace: forever21?

May 21, 2008

Potential buys

As I haven't gone shopping in quite a while, I grow more eager to do so with each passing day. Seeing as I don't have a job and therefore have no cash, it would be a little difficult to go shopping anyway. So I guess it all works out for the best. To curve my craving, I have resorted to multiple online shopping sprees in which I compile list after list of things that I might buy if I had money right now. Now, you might say, "Wouldn't this make it harder for you because you are just looking at things you can't have?" The answer is yes, my friend. Yes it is very hard. Nevertheless, I somehow subject myself to this minor form of self impairment and gladly look upon my worthless collections. I have looked through so many sites that I'm not even sure what I want and don't want anymore. These two are my favorites.


Urban Outfitters

May 10, 2008

It's Bananas

My new suit came in the mail today, and I have to say, I was quite ecstatic. After much consideration, I decided on a plaid little number with a balconet top from Victoria's Secret. Sometimes indecisiveness comes in handy because by time I selected it for ordering, the price had lowered by about 10 bucks-I was satisfied. Extremely excited to try on my newly received purchase, I soon found out that having one boob larger than the other (it's normal, I checked) tends to be a problem when dealing with a balconet style top. One cup fit and the other did not. Nevertheless, I'll have to work something out between my boob and myself because the suit is not going back. The balconet style top also proves to cause problems in the area of insecurity. If I were wearing this to the beach or the private pool or island I don't have, I'd feel much more comfortable. However, seeing as this will probably be, for the most part, worn to the community pool, having the top half of my small breasts exposed is close to indecent. I'll have to make some friends with people that have pools, I fear it's my only option. I also received this lovely banana tank top. I've been wanting a top like this ever since I saw one of the Olsen's wearing a similar one in a Got Milk? ad, I've finally gotten my bananas. On another note, prom was held tonight. Being a junior, I didn't go, but it was nice to be able to go to pictures at my friends house and then to the Grand March at the high school. Was that final piece of my day even relevant or interesting? Not really, no.

Here is the suit I ordered as well.