April 15, 2008

a batch of pictures

Apologies for the lack of postage throughout the entire month of April thus far. I had cheerleading tryouts all week two weeks ago (I made it thank goodness!) and the second week of no posting? I have no excuse except being lazy. Anyway, you'd think that within that time frame, I would manage to conjure up some immensely interesting topic, however, that's not what happened. I haven't anything else to chat about right now, so I thought I would share a plethora of fun photos that I've taken with my friends as we attempted to be models. Don't even bother to comment on the outfits haha. Enjoy =]

This first lot, I like a lot better.


  1. haha
    gorgeous. looks like fun!
    i love your jumping pics

  2. You are gorgeous...and I like the photos alot! Especially your boytoys at the end... haha

  3. wow. that pink/red dress is really pretty : )

  4. oh my, those look professionally taken!!! i would kill for that purple sweater. you're gorgeous!
    thanks for checking out my blog, and i would gladly link up :)

  5. those are soo pretty!! i like the one with the leaves being thrown!

    wanna trade links??

  6. the place looks great.. and ur dress is really pretty!

  7. i lovee the girl in the blue cardigans hair

  8. ah tell me about it. ha she is one of my best friends i'm always telling her how jealous i am of her hair =P


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