March 25, 2008

Twenty-fifth of March

These are possible outfits for this week or the next. I'm thinking I should wear the black shirt and tights soon, however, because eventually, I will fall into a total state of spring-apparel and will never want to go back into the depths of winter cold. I'm so excited to wear florals and lose the tights and boots. I'm a little self-conscious about my legs (thigh area) so not extremely thrilled about shorts, but I will be disiplined and work out! Well at least that's what I'm claiming as of now..

I'm thinking this outfit is better for further into spring than now. it's still a little chilly. opinions on that?

skirt: american eagle that i made high-waisted, shoes: target, shirt: jcrew, necklaces: i have no idea

skirt: american eagle, shirt: jcrew, shoes: used to be my aunts from prom, necklaces: ??


  1. I love your floral skirt!!! I love that outfit in general!!
    the second one is very chic! nice!!

  2. A teenvoguer!! I'm Surreal btw.
    I like the second outfit a lot. Very chic.

    Would you like to trade links?

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  4. I really like the button skirt. I was surprised that it was ae--cute!

  5. sweet blog! i got the link from teenvogue, i'm styleiseternal on there by the way.

    i like both outfits a lot, especially the second.

    wanna trade links?

  6. i really like your first outfit and your button skirt is adorable


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