March 30, 2008

Returning friends

Thinking Spring at the moment, and even though it's still chilly, I have the warm weather to look forward to. In this case, I made a few outfits for the upcoming warmth that I will soon appreciate. I went in the attic to retrieve my long lost friends- a few pairs of shoes that I put away for the winter, and was excited to create new outfits with them. I am especially excited to wear the string-up pair because I don't think I've ever worn them before. I pilfered this first dress from my mothers drawer, hopefully she doesn't mind, it's actually a slip and it's light light blue rather than the champagne color that it is in the picture. The second picture was originally worn with tights, but why wear tights when you can show off your legs? So I said screw the tights and off they went. The third outfit isn't very exciting, but I figured it was a cute, simple outfit for a day.

shoes: target, dress: my mothers slip, sweater: new york and co, belt: my moms, necklace: made it, headband: braided ribbons

jacket: h&m, shoes: target, shorts: gap , shirt: dads, scarf: forever21

shirt: ae, jeans: express, shoes: from my cousin, belt: was my moms, sunnies: forever21

also thought I would add these pictures. I took them on the plane on my way to new york city.


  1. love the second outfit.
    and those airplane pictures are AMAZING.

  2. Love the leather jacket.

  3. that first outfit is lovely!

  4. i love your outfits. and the rainbow picture that you took from inside the airplane is really pretty. i was wondering if you would like to link with my blog....


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