March 12, 2008

Outfit Post and Lunar Eclipse

I recently, ok maybe not so recently, but I made this shirt after seeing someone (I can't remember who it was) else had made one. The sunglasses added a cool effect to the shirt that I really liked, thus I created my own. It was fairly simple.
-I traced the picture onto the shirt with a pencil
- painted over the pencil with black fabric paint I bought from Michael's (with a piece of cardboard between the front and back fabric of the shirt; this made it easier to paint and also prevented bleeding of the paint)
- let it dry

-put a piece of paper over top of it to heat set the paint via ironing

For the rest of the outfit, I'm pulling the Scandinavian style and used an old American Eagle tube top as a tight mini and wore opaque black tights. Contradictory to the usual flat oxford-like shoe or Ked, usually seen on Lisa, I opted for a pair of black and white polka dot pumps.

Yeah there was a lunar eclipse the other night, so I decided to take a picture


  1. lunar eclipse pic is awesome! and i like that outfit...especially the bottom part!

  2. love your blog and that shirt is sooooo cute!


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