March 16, 2008

Jumping for Joy

I just want to start off by saying, sorry for my weird poses and faces. Just being my weird self with a new birthday camera =P.

Anyway, for my birthday, my friends and I went to South Side Works to dine at the Cheesecake Factory and also go shopping. We didn't get as much shopping in as we initially planned, but I was still able to find a few things to buy, though I'm burning a hole in my pocket-Ok, maybe a crater.
Anyway, the shoes are new from urban, as is the polka dot and gray skirt from f21. I also got some sunnies and a rad scarf.


  1. I love your sunglasses shirt you made a couple posts down. It looks divine with the teal skirt.

  2. ah,
    highwaisted skirts are the bomb.

  3. I love your skirt and the second outfit is adorable.

    Nice blog!

  4. i love all of it
    and you don't look like an oompa loompa in the last post
    i dont know where they got that from

  5. cute outfits! i really love the highwaisted skirt in the second outfit. Thanks for the comment! Mind if i add you to my blogroll? (

  6. Cute outfits! I especially love how you styled the polka dotted skirt.


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