March 29, 2008

ah. Lazy Saturday

I got up this morning and made a huge breakfast for my sister and myself because my parents and my brother were at a lax game. I'm so good to her. Then, I got bundled up and headed to a lax game myself. None of my friends had arrived at the same time as me (which was a shocker because I am ALWAYS late), so being the loser that I am, I waited in my car by myself, listened to the radio (I forgot my across the universe CD at home. boo.), and basked in the sun hoping to get even the slightest tan as the sun came through my sunroof and aimed perfectly at my face. Even a slight sun burn would have been acceptable, as I am desperate for some color. If you must know, I wore jeans, black boots, my blue Kentucky university hoodie, and a dark brown faux-leather jacket. Sounds hideous.. but I didn't look that bad, not that I cared, I was at a high school lacrosse game for goodness sake. Anyway, I got home and had to take some medicine for some new illness I've developed and it made me feel like super shit. So I decided that I'd just make some outfits rather than watch the Kids Choice Awards with my family. Here's what I came up with. Inspiration came from fashion toast.

It's really a shame that I won't be able to wear the shirt with tights, it's much too short for school and maneuvering. But I do think I like the green shirt best.

jeans: express, shoes: target, shirt: dads closet, belt: moms closet, headband: braided three ribbon things I had together

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