December 27, 2008

Yeah I know your hands will clap.

What a wonderful break this has been so far! I got to see my family and we even decided to stay for an extra two days to continue our visit. Though it was rainy and dreary on Christmas Eve, we woke up to snow on Christmas morning, so that was a pleasant surprise. As presents are acquired on Christmas, I received clothes, gift cards, Influence, and other things that I don't feel like listing. Also, although I picked out the majority of my presents, I still think I might take back a coat, shirt, and a pair of shoes that I chose.
For Christmas Eve, we went to my aunts house, my goodness were there a lot of cookies! I think I might have tried them all over the course of the evening.
My entire family kept commenting about my boots and how high they were, like every single person. I know they're high, get over it! Geez. How do they not understand by now that I am not a practical person when it comes to the way I dress? Since when are heels comfortable to wear (for the most part) and why do they have to make a comment about the height of them every time they look at my feet! I like my scary-high boots!

I hope that everyone had a super delightful holiday and lets make new years great too!

December 23, 2008

This Christmas will be...

Last day of school! It's officially Christmas break! We had a basketball game tonight and we got to wear Santa hats and striped tube socks with fur. Let me just tell you, I felt really cool. But we won so it was worth it. Anyhow, I'll be away for Christmas, but I'll see if I can squeeze a post in. I might not be able to resist. I'll probably be snapping pictures of the pretty lights, decorations, trees, food, snow, and of course my family- I won't be able to wait to put them up. Christmas Eve should be a pretty good time and I will most likely come back ten pounds heavier. I think I've been listening to Christmas carols in my car every day for the past month. I'm not one to start right after Thanksgiving, but as soon as early December hits, I get into the spirit of the holidays.

But I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!...or whatever holiday you might be celebrating =)

blazer:H&M, boots:steve madden, Hat:grandpas, bangles:forever21, tights:target DIY rip

December 22, 2008

You light up my life.

and then we traveled through the seven layers of the candy cane forrest....

Tonight I took a drive with my friends to see a light show! We are really getting into the Christmas spirit this year, I even get to wear a tacky sweater to school, yes! We stocked up on hot chocolate, Christmas tunes, and gas, and off we went to see the beautiful lights. Please excuse the horrible pictures, it's hard when your in a moving vehicle... Only a few more days til Christmas and tomorrow is my last day of school before x-mas break, finally! =)

December 21, 2008

Oh the glory when you ran outside with your shirt tucked in and your shoes untied

I'm about to head over to my neighbors house for a welcome home party. My friend Vinnie has been in Italy for the past few months for college and I am super excited to go and see him! In this case, this is going to be a super quick post. I jsut snapped some pictures this morning because the sun looked really pretty coming through my window and onto my bed. Wow I have got to go Christmas shopping too, talk about last minute..

December 20, 2008

I'll be home for Christmas...

Ah my room is finally somewhat clean. Usually I have clothing spewed throughout my room. It's an organized mess, don't get me wrong, but my mother seems to think its an unacceptable appearance for a room. I think it shows a bit of character- as long as it's not gross with like old food and nasty garbage everywhere, that's different. Anyway, after feeling the holiday spirit, and also after finding these lights in my closet while I was putting my clothes away, I decided to hang them up around my room. I have to say, they add a nice touch and make me pretty happy, maybe I'll just be that person and leave them up year-round. Except I won't even be here next Christmas, wow that's weird! haha I kind of afraid that my curtain will soon catch on fire, but I'm really hoping it doesn't. They were a really pain to hang up because I have an outlet on one side of my room and not the other and I took the flat end to the outlet thinking it was the pronged end of the string of lights. Quite a frustrating process..


December 16, 2008

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear

So I went a wee bit picture crazy when I decided to photograph some hats I own. haha It's basically just a collage of me in hats. Personally, they look much better when they are bigger, simply click. I need a job.

December 13, 2008

This evening has been so very nice

New boots. I think they might be a little more militaryesque than what I thought, but we'll see if I'm going to keep them. I think I'm craving more of ice skate boots but I can never decide anyway. Tomorrow my cheer squad is going Christmas caroling at a retirement home. We'll see how that goes.. oh the solos we have. At least it will be fun and we'll most likely get hot chocolate out of it. A huge portion of my senior project is due on Tuesday morning. Have I done any of it? I think not. I'm so screwed, at least I got an A on the research paper portion of it. My butt is starting to fall asleep and I am super hungry..all I've had today were Skittles at the basketball game. Bleh, not so good to have Skittles as the only thing in your stomach. So in this case, I'll probably make myself some dinner.

Skirt:Target Shirt:Target

December 11, 2008

All right!

My new shoes came today! I was more excited to see the package at the front door than I was when I got my acceptance letter today. Sad but true. The gladiators are a little uncomfortable because of all the straps, but it's nothing I can't handle. I will have to scratch the bottom though because they are so slippy! The boots are so so comfortable! I can't wait to wear them. However I have to wait until next week because I have to wear cheer stuff to school tomorrow. Lame. Lame. Lame.
I'll be sure to post pictures of them soon.

I also noticed myself saying "all right" Quagmire style when I saw the box. Gotta love him and Family Guy.

Also! A big thanks to Adrian who edited my lace gloves picture! It looks awesome, thanks!! =)

December 10, 2008

According to my calculations..

Tonight was our first basketball game and of course we lost. I miss all the seniors from last year. We have only four this year and they carry the team, but there are just some guys from last year that we could use right now. Oh well, it was only the first game. There are like a million more to go, it just sucks that I have to cheer at most of them since the games are so sporadic I hardly even know when they are.

I guess I could get a planner, but then I'd probably just lose it. Or just not use it at all like the free ones we get from the school. I think I used it for about a week and then stopped. Sometimes I'll find it in the back of my locker and think, "hey maybe I would actually remember things if I used this.." Truth is, that probably wouldn't happen, there is no hope for me. I've forgotten a book for my teacher for about two weeks straight now- I even wrote it on my hand. So back into the depths of my crowded locker my planner shall stay until locker clean out at the end of the year. I've asked Sarah to bring in the stupid locker shelf, but she has yet to do so. It came in handy last year because we both have so much stuff. I seriously have about four pairs of shoes in my locker at all times. Plus books I don't have time to read, a few issues of Nylon, and I'm pretty sure my missing hat is in there- I'm just too short to see the top shelf. I should take a picture but I probably won't because I'd feel really weird taking photos of my locker.

Anyway, this dress is from Target. Scored it for 10 bucks. Boots are Charlotte Russe and I believe the tights are target as well.

I want my shoes to come, too!! They still aren't here! It's so so very depressing.

December 8, 2008

Fever. When you kiss me

I really need to start working on my senior project. I'm thinking of having a fashion show. If you have any ideas about what I could make, let me know! I just want to do simple DIY stuff, nothing huge. Anything is appriciated. Also, if you have any good ideas for the show itself, those would be awesome. Like general location ideas, themes, music, how to get people to come.. stuff like that.
Gossip girl is on soon too =) last one of 08!

skirt: Target Grey top: free from something boots: charlotte russe necklaces: urban outfitters gloves: party city =P

December 6, 2008

garden party

Those are just some pictures I took over thanksgiving break. Gotta love grandmas attic. We are in my moms old room, it has a bright green carpet. haha I should be working on an English project right now, but that stuff is always put on the back burner. I had to read "The Man of Law's Tale", one of the stories in the Canterbury Tales. It was actually pretty interesting, but now a partner and I have to describe the story to a class in an interesting, creative, yet serious way. We decided to do a story board so I figured it'd be easy to just Google a bunch of pictures...who knew that decent sultaness and bloody knife pictures are rather rare?