December 8, 2007

Tights, tights, a beautiful sight

Tights have made a huge comeback into the women’s fashion world for the fall of 2007.
When you think of tights, most girls will wonder back to their days in elementary school. Your mother would dress you in a frilly dress and tights of all kinds; this ensemble was often paired with a pair of Mary-Jane’s or saddle shoes. If I recall correctly, I had a pair of tights for almost every color of the rainbow: blue, red, green, purple, white, and black.

Too bad, I am a little taller than I was at age six; those tights no longer fit me. Runway shows such as Nicole Miller and Chanel are showing that tights are uber hot for this fall season.

“Sadly” replacing the footless tights and leggings in the fashion industry, tights are not only versatile, but also come in a great variety of styles. Opaque, sheer, and patterned are most popular. Scared to try a new trend? Try a pair of plain black tights, opaque or sheer. They are easy to match and look classic.

For the more daring, however, other options include a pair of colored opaque tights. For this style, try you primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Patterns on tights create a unique, funky look that adds to any outfit.

I love how these tights add a splash of color!

Clueless on where to find this fabulous trend? Check out your local stores like Target and Wal-Mart. You will be sure to find your basics there for a cheap price. If you are looking for colored or patterned tights, try Urban Outfitters or American Apparel for a great selection.

Considering the weather is changing to winter, do not just pack up your summer apparel. To winterize you favorite summer pieces wear tights under dresses, tunics, skirts, and even shorts. Because they are so versatile, and remain so, tights are a new staple item for everyone’s wardrobe.

So, if you are tightless at the moment, I suggest you get yourself a nice pair of tights, because they are definitely worth every penny spent!

“Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.”
-Christian Dior

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