December 23, 2007

New Year, Notable Outfit

With Christmas Eve tomorrow night, that means New Years is just around the corner. With New Years just around the corner, that means parties. With parties, that means a great outfit. Now, personally, I don't have any parties to go to on New Years Eve, at least not one that I could wear these smashing outfits to. However, I felt the great need to pretend I live in the city, have a huge and fun party to go to, and have a lot of money. This is what I came up with, and oh how I wish my mind games were true.

PS: You can click on the picture to make it bigger =]

As for me, I probably can't even afford a clutch on here, no matter how pretty. So I've also put together a set of more realistic outfits. I do quite enjoy these as well. Might have to have my own New Years party.. now seriously considering it...

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