July 1, 2007

Lovely Lily

I've known about Lily Allen for a long time now, but I never really gave her a chance. I dowloaded some of her songs the other day, and I must admit, I love her music! Not only that, but her style is one of a kind. Lily rocks and knows it for sure. She's pretty much the epitome of cool in my book, and though I probably wouldn't wear most of her ensambles like she does, it doesn't mean I can't recieve loads of inspiration and get a pair of those fabulous gold earrings she always wears.

Get her style!

nike'sgold bamboo hoops (urban outfitters)
a cute bold dress (forever21)

a gold necklace

1 comment:

  1. yeah, her music is okay... but i hate her for ripping up amy.

    amy winehouse is my bitchh ♥


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