June 19, 2007

Start off with accessories: DIY

This is a bracelet that I made a couple of days ago. It was super easy to make. I just wish the bangle was like $2 instead of $4.50 so I could just make a ton, but whatever.

What you need:
-a bangle
-stickers or rub-on words (Michaels)
-a popsicle stick
-clear nail polish

1. choose a bangle in any color. (white works the best because then you can see the words)

2. either stick the letters right onto the bracelet or use the popsicle stick to place the rub-on's on the bangle.

3. Use a clear nail polish to coat the bracelet.

4. Let it dry and you're done!

This is super super easy to make and each one you make can look different.