April 22, 2014

Hair Update

At this point, my hair is as blonde as it can go. I've bleached it to the point of no return a few months ago and it's been maintenance, maintenance, maintenance since then. I'd love to show you some recent, hot pics of my hair, but for the most part, the only documentation of my current look is a large collection of drunk bathroom selfies.

Basic maintenance = bleach virgin hair before the roots get "ugly" (personal preference I personally like to let mine grow a bit). sometimes I have to bleach twice. then tone all over (wella t-18 or t-14 for me)

I've actually been experimenting with a bleach bath and I basically add shampoo to my bleach and developer and just rub it on my head like shampoo until everything is covered followed by a rinse and normal toner process. I know I'm not supposed to bleach the roots AND the already bleached hair, but the bath was faster. I mean way faster. But I do think overlapping causes some breakage, so I'll only do that again if I really need a quick hair fix. 

Bonus: My light hair is fantastic for chalking. Totally late to the chalking game, but I can have purple hair for one day and blue the next so it's swell.  


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February 11, 2014

Power Parfait

Every morning I end up choosing a few more moments of bonding with my pillows and blankets over the meal that is supposed to debut my entire day. Like Ms. Knope, I am both a strong woman and lover of breakfast foods. I make important time management decisions and sadly, breakfast gets rescheduled to train time in granola bar form. That's not a filling breakfast. Recently though, some magic happened in my breakfast bowl when I made a yogurt parfait that is both filling and to-go worthy, which is everything I could ever ask of breakfast.

Start with plain, Greek yogurt. Even if you're a hater and think it tastes too much like sour cream, you should buy plain. Why? Because you can make your own vanilla with vanilla extract. Feel like honey today? Add honey to sweeten. Nothing can hold you back from the flavor you desire. But yogurt won't fill me up on it's own. That's why I went crazy with the toppings. Fun and filling.

On busy days, I put the yogurt in a mason jar the night before and add the toppings in the morning before I run out the door (so the granola doesn't get soggy). I bought a cheapo spoon that I use for my to-go meals, so if I accidentally throw it away or lose it, it's not a big deal, but it's also reusable.

Versatility is important to me in food. I tend to make the same thing over and over, just with different ingredients. For example, sandwiches. Can you even comprehend how many sandwich possibilities there are? Think about it. It's nuts. That's why I love a good old sandwich. But I'm not making a sandwich now, so back to the yogurt parfait. With a plain, Greek yogurt base, the toppings become the perfect way to personalize your breakfast. This day is YOURS, baby.

February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Flowers DIY

Valentine's Day is next Friday and for those of you that get flowers (or buy some for you from you), don't toss them in the garbage when they start to wilt. Instead, place them on newspaper to dry for a few days then gently wrap them with yarn or a pretty ribbon and hang on your wall. They add a delicate reminder of the special day to the room. Bonus because if the love DOES die, you can chuck the bouquet across the room in a satisfactory manner. Win win.

February 7, 2014

Cucumber Infused Gin DIY

I'm much too low on cash to spend money on delicious Hendrick's, so I've been improvising with this method. Extremely easy to do and a lot cheaper

Brunette to Blonde Part IV.

I'm officially a full-blown platinum blonde. Despite the time consuming bleaching and constant fear of my hair falling out, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's been a while since I've posted about this drastic hair color change and a lot has happened.

Start in the back, not on the side. But DO start from the ends!
I've bleached my entire head two times. The color is still uneven, something I was expecting but secretly hoped it wouldn't happen. I do my roots at home but I wait until they look pretty unforgivable. I don't want to be seen in public with me. I chopped off 8 inches and my hair dresser scolded me for DIY bleaching.

Overall, the process has been pretty fun. It hasn't been terribly expensive because I'm still using the same bleach bucket I got for the first round of bleaching, although I am on my second bottle of toner. I think the total cost is about 60-70 dollars for everything (bleach, bowl, brush, etc.) I like this hair color. It stands out and makes me feel confident on the days I remember my hair is platinum blonde and not brown. Sometimes I fantasize about having a nice shade of deep brown, but I came for change, and that's what I got. The change back to brown will be just as tedious, so I might as well keep the color for a bit longer!

After watching a ton of YouTube videos and reading blog posts about dying hair from brown to blonde, I went to Sally's and bought my supplies. I already had blonde highlights during the first process so the strands of highlighted hair were lighter after I bleached it.

Most of the time I had no idea what I was doing and learned more each time I bleached. Things like:
• Yes it matters where you start (the back)
• Yes you should skip washing your hair a few days before bleaching
• Yes you should have a friend help
• Yes you should work quickly so the bleach doesn't dry
• Yes the toner will turn purple
• Yes test strands are important. **Especially during the toner stage.
• Yes you should wear a shirt you don't mind ruining
• No this is not something that takes a day. It took me a few months.

So.. realize this is a long, time-consuming process that takes a lot of dedication and a steadfast decision to go platinum. Do what's best for you. Get it done professionally if you have any fear of looking like a cosmetology school nightmare for a few days sometimes.

I got all of my supplies at Sally's/Ricky's.

Plastic mixing bowl
Highlighting brush
Gloves (don't try to be a hero. get gloves)
Applicator bottle

L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach 1 Lb
Wella Toner T18 (now called White Lady)
30 Developer 
20 Developer

I bleached my hair multiple times over a few months to get to the shade I wanted. I wouldn't wash my hair for a few days and would smother it with coconut oil the night before and then leave it in all day and bleach it that night. I just kind of did it, so sorry there aren't really measurements.

• Mix the bleach and the 30 developer with the highlighting brush in the mixing bowl until it's semi-runny but thick enough that it won't run down your neck or anything.

• Start in the back and work from the ends to the roots. Your hair need more time in those areas. The first time I started in the front and you could tell. Section off your hair horizontally and keep bringing down layers of hair to bleach with the brush. Make sure hair is saturated. Keep bleaching quickly until all hair is covered and then cover it to keep it moist. Bleach stops working when it dries. I just used a plastic bag. I looked really chic. I left it on for about 45 minutes.

• Next, I washed the bleach out. I used a bit of shampoo and rinsed it with the shower head/faucet. I towel dried my hair and prepped the toner.

• Put like 2 teaspoons of toner into the applicator bottle and fill the rest with developer. Attach lid and shake.

• Squeeze on hair and just get it all over the best you can. I left this on for about 30 minutes. Your hair might turn weird shades during this process so it's important to leave it on the whole time. Also the toner will turn purple, but that's normal.

• Rinse out toner and let your hair air dry because it's been bullied enough.